Our social safety net doesn’t catch everybody

Artists and other self-employed people, who barely scrape by at the best of times, can be in extreme difficulty when serious illness hits.

This site was created for friends to help friends in dire straights. It’s a simple way to extend financial aid so that ailing people don’t have to worry about basic necessities while dealing with frightening diseases.

It was launched for Sue Richards who suffers with Parkinson’s. We are now adding Tracy McEwen, who has Cushings Disease, a progressive disabling caused by a brain tumour.

What about government assistance? Surprisingly little is available. Sue Richards tells her story here.

Our goal is to recruit many big-hearted people to contribute $10 or more per month to help Sue and Tracy.

Helping is easy. It’s done through Paypal using your credit card. No Paypal account is necessary. Security is airtight. Good feelings are guaranteed.

At any time, you can discontinue your assistance with a couple of clicks.

Thank you for caring. You contribution will absolutely make a difference.